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transducer and deck organizer placement

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I trailer my 26s where is the best place to put transducer for knotmeter,I was thinking under lazzerett,because of trailer,also would like suggeastions for deck oranizer for lines)3 line unit) where is best place for it? Thanks Dennis
May 4, 2005
Macgregor 26d Ft Lauderdale, Fl
transducer for knotmeter???

transducer for DEPTH FINDER? I have mine in the laz.. if you REALLY Have a KNOTmeter that would have to go on the stern. good luck with that one... (or drill the hull)
Dec 22, 2005
Macgregor 26S Fort Walton Beach

The original owner of my 1990 26S placed the transducer for the Garmin 125 Sounder/Fish Finder/Knotmeter under the V-berth in the center of the furthest aft point of the storage space. It shoots through just fine and I get great detail. Unfortunately it is a bit in the way in that location. Makes it a bit difficult for storage modifications I'm contemplating. I'm considering moving it to the lazerette to free up the storage area. James


Apr 25, 2006
Macgregor 26X Lake Wallenpaupack, PA
Looking for the same info

I am in the process of installing the full set of gauges from Navman. I got NavPod's SK145 stantion and mounted their NavPod cluster to it. I mounted that on the pedistal using the hole for the mast crutch. I moved the cruch and mounted it in front of the pedistal. I ran the wires into the boat under the pedistal and back to the stern before running them forward to under the seat were the cooler is installed. I switched the depth through hull transducer with the puck. The wind gauge wire was a chore to route to the ceiling by the mast but it finally made it. My only thing left is to drill a hole in the bottom of the boat for the knotmeter. I have broken out in sweat just thinking about doing this. I have selected a spot again under the cooler along side the swing keel trunk. I know that it is behind the ballast tank since my old GPS depth tranducer shot through the hull with no issues there. Has anyone else done this? Is this a good spot? Time is running out as launch day is May 1st.
Apr 23, 2005
Macgregor 26D Calif. Delta

I have a 26D, VERY similar boat. I just mounted a transducer on my boat. I wanted it forward of the daggerboard so I placed it on the bottom just forward of the ballast tank. I've not had the boat in the water yet, so I haven't tested it yet. Will report the results... hopefully this weekend if the weather holds. I also just added a deck organizer, though only a two line -- main halyard and daggerboard. Placement of this is ENTIRELY a matter of where the lines are coming from and where they're going. I spent a lot of time laying the lines out on deck carefully and observing where things would be coming from and where they would lead. Measured carefully. THEN drilled and mounted. It all turned out really well, but I spent far more time planning and measuring than actually installing the hardware -- well worth the effort. I plan to post pictures soon. Good luck!
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