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Torqeedo on C22


Aug 12, 2018
Catalina 22 Westbrook
Has anybody replaced their outboard with a Torqeedo ? If so what has been your experience
Sep 15, 2016
Catalina 22 Minnesota
Some have done it and like them. The C22 really only needs a small amount of HP to get it moving. The major drawback is power consumption on an electric motor. If your cruising or using the boat for camping the Sail Pro 6hp is hands down the best. Sips gas and runs great for long periods of time when needed. If your on a smaller lake and just need to get on and off the dock then an electric trolling motor will work. It's really up to what you want. Personally I like the gas outboard for those times when the wind dies and I have a long way to go for the anchorage that night. It's nice to fire up the motor and go 15 miles because the wind is flat to anchor and then sail back the next day.


Feb 18, 2018
Catalina 22 Wilmington nc
New motors are expensive, just got a Tohatsu sail pro propane. Looked at the torqeedo, great idea but spending 4K to push a 5k boat plus the cost of extra batteries didn’t add up. Now if I were going all new and budget wasn’t an issue yep I would get one.