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Top of compression post question

Jan 16, 2014
Cal 28 River Raisin Marina
Another member pointed out that I'd posted this in an old thread and suggested that I post it as new. I apologize if it shows up twice.

The bit that sits between the top of the compression post and the mast step on my old 1968 Cal 28 looks like this (pic attached). Although all of the upper decks are wet, I am hoping that this is just old tired fiberglass (cosmetic). I am not currently experiencing any issues with the compression post, I just see this and think that it doesn't look very nice and need to be sure that it does not pose a safety issue. Does anyone know what is actually in there, how I can assess it's condition and what, if necessary, I would need to do to repair it? I do not have any plans of re-coring the wet top deck, I do try to stop new water incursion but re-coring is simply out of my skill set and my budget.


May 12, 2004
Hunter Cherubini 30 New Port Richey
I don't know what is in there but, it doesn't look good and there appears to be a bit of water damage noted by the darkened areas. Can you drill a hole in the middle to at least find out what might be in there? I'm sure, however, that someone one this site would know.
Mar 20, 2012
Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25 Salem, Oregon
it could of had water intrusion at one time, but then someone caught it in time and made a repair.... just because the core is discolored by old water intrusion does not mean its weak, rotton or needs any type of repair....
but if it is still leaking, it WILL eventually cause a huge problem there...

so its difficult to tell without drilling into it and taking a couple samples (I would do this from the bottom in the photo that I see).... if it seems solid but damp, I would dry it out good, and AFTER its dry, make the repair so it does not leak ever again.
and far as the uglyness goes, paint makes it all pretty again....