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Tips for Capri 18 sailing?

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Just got my first keelboat (Capri 18). Would like to know if anyone has any good tips on the operation of the boat (raising the mast, trailer launching, etc.) It's a bit different than my 14' boardboat that I'm used to.


Capri 18 Launch and Setup

My Capri 18 launches easy with the tongue extended. I was used to power boats and expected the motor to pull the boat off the trailer. This does not happen. Once you are in almost to the waterline try pulling it off the trailer by the dock lines. Back in more if you have to. The mast goes up easy as well. Just make sure you have the turnbuckles at the chain plates straightened out before you start lifting. I use the main sheet between the gib halyard and the bow so that I can have some slack on my roller furling to attach it. I use fingernail polish on the back stay turnbuckle to mark where it should be when tuned. Have fun it is a great boat.



I had my capri since 1989, It's a very stable and forgiving boat. The standard sails (jib and main) are somewhat inadequate in light winds. I bought a second hand genoa (slightly oversized) and that seemed to improve the performance. Still, I don't bother to go out (Chesapeake) with winds under 10 mph. You'll have lots of fun.
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