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Time for new dodger and bimini


Feb 9, 2017
Beneteau 43 Hingham, MA
ahoy sailors,

I have a 2008 Beneteau 43 and can no longer put off getting new dodger and bimini for her. I also would like to change the configuration as I am 6'5" and cannot stand up straight which is tiring on long rainy watches;-(

Anyone have ideas, experience, recommendations?

Mar 29, 2011
Beneteau 361 Charlotte,Vt
I need a new dodger for my Bene 361. I made it myself using the old frame and the how to video from Sailrite. I used my mothers 1976 Kenmore sewing machine. It was the first thing I ever sewn. I won't say it perfect, but I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. Contact me direct if you want to more detail on the process. I won't say it was easy, but it's doable. I am now making cockpit cushions and will be starting the bimimi in the Spring.


Sep 11, 2017
Beneteau 373 Cape Cod
I'm planning to make a new bimini in the spring for my Bene 373 using the Sailrite videos (which I watched once through already)... looks involved but very doable... and will save me THOUSANDS over what I've been quoted... Bimini first (because that looks a bit easier) and then if that goes well, I'll probably attempt the dodger next fall... my frames are all good, but the sunbrella, thread, and windows are 15 years old and "tired". I bought a walking-foot heavy-duty sewing machine on the cheap that looks like its going to make the process much much easier.... (fingers crossed). You CAN make your own frames using their instructions too... sounds like YOU might need that, but I don't so I haven't watched those videos.

Bob S

Sep 27, 2007
Beneteau 393 New Bedford, MA
and will save me THOUSANDS over what I've been quoted..
Todd, What kind of price range would you expect for a bimini for your size boat. I want to replace mine and add flexible solar (Velcro) to it. We're all in the same area but I haven't explored costs yet. I'm sure there are quality levels of Sunbrella to consider too. I've used a few local guys (Scituate and Hull) for re-stitching or replacing Strataglass but not making new.
Feb 11, 2017
Highly recommend to use Makrolon for windows- crystal clear and will outlast the Sunbrella. The only thing is it will not roll or fold. Allerton Canvas in Hull does excellent work, but expect to pay dearly (around $7.5k for Dodger and bimini.