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Thomas Coville's new giant Ultime trimaran, Sodebo

Jun 14, 2010
Quorning Dragonfly 1200 home
"We have a very traditional rig with a rotating wingmast" "And we have a very traditional hull with retractable foils..."
LOL! o_O
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Dec 1, 2009
Tillotson Pearson J/36 Southport, CT
Sodebo was doing OK in the Brest-Atlantiques race last month until they got to Capetown about two weeks out and withdrew. Seems that they kept hitting things at 30 knots or so. Several of the other boats did too, but managed to keep racing. Accueil The race started in a 40 knot gale with some of the boats only hoisting reefed mains, and doing 27 knots. Great videos of the race are available - each boat had a designated media guy on board and a drone. Gitana won, with an average speed of more that 25 knots over the 14,000 mile course, including a stop in Rio for repairs. (Sodebo stopped there for repairs as well, IIRC.) Sodebo arrived back in France this morning from Capetown. The other guys finished last week.
This link goes more directly to the videos: Vidéos, photos et audios
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