The joys of reefing on our 26C

Jul 2, 2020
MacGregor 26C Nashville
We purchased one of the new Lite-Skin sails from BWY with two reefing points and I wanted to share our results.

5-10 MPH winds - no reef
What a difference compared to our worn out sail. Points nicely, tacks better, etc.

First reefing experience - during a club race about a month ago. Winds were predicted in the 10-15 mph so we set up the first reefing point. You probably have guessed the next sentence. Forget the prediction - we had pretty steady 15-20 MPH with gusts to 25 and 30. I was constantly straining at the tiller to keep her pointed correctly. Never had a chance with the wind to set up the second reef point.

Two days ago (May 7, 2021) Same prediction - 10-15. Fool me once, right? At the dock we set up the second reefing point, with the first reefing point also in place so we could increase the sail if we needed to. The prediction was right - 10-15 with some gusts to 20. We were out a couple hours and the boat basically steered itself; a pleasure indeed. Of course when the wind shifted we had to make adjustments. We cruised along at 5-6 kts, even hit 7.5 several times.

Lesson learned - Set up for the second reef point and let it out if needed.

George Blue
Percy Priest Lake near Nashville TN
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Jul 1, 2012
MacGregor 26D Kirkland, WA
Went out in 30+ gusts and swells higher than our boat last summer. (Puget Sound Labor day storm 2020)
2nd reef and working jib on the way up, took shelter in a bay to lose the jib and sailed back downwind with just the double reefed main.
Liteskin main was fantastic