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Thats a wrap....2018 season officially over for me.

Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Lake Martin AL
How do YOU pronounce it, Granger? (Gran'-ger, Gran-ger' or Grain'-ger)
I had been meaning to ask but didn't know the best protocol for such a question.

-Will (Dragonfly)
It is French so you have to say it through your nose while coughing up a hairball.

Think "groan" but leave off the "n" and stress the vowels (because the French like vowels) and then "shay". Don't pronounce the final "r" (because the French hate consonants) "Groa-shay". It is also a Cajun name so it is tweaked a little more but that is hard to describe phonetically and is probably not strictly correct anyway.
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Oct 6, 2007
Hunter HC 30 1982 Chicago IL
Thnx that makes sense: BTW: A Grainger was a person who managed the Lord's grain (British). A Granger was a person who managed the Lords barns (French word for barn is La grange). Same profession but the entomology of the name is very different and coincidentally looks similar. People who pronounce their name Grainger but it is spelled Granger are mispronouncing their own name (Think Hermione -- not pronounced correctly)
Oops. Sorry about the misspelling. Interesting entomology lesson though.
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Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Cruise year around in this neck of the woods. Moderate winters and summers due to the Pacific trade winds. Great time to be out on the water. Anchorages empty, warm inside the boat while sipping a hot toddy. Even some wonderful sailing conditions to boot.
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
Sad day today for me, as I pulled Tally Ho out of the water for the long, cold, windy winter lay up.

At least we haven’t had snow yet, and the weather today was decent for pulling the boat out. Light winds off the nose when in the lift. Last week we had 50 kt winds, sleet and rain. Only 1 power boat pulled out last Saturday, all the rest of those scheduled wisely rescheduled. I was going to pull my sails last weekend, but quickly gave up on that idea and changed the oil, drained the water heater, and took care of some other chores.

This morning was pretty mild (50 F) and 5kts or less wind. Easily got the canvas down, pumped out for the last time and hit the sling.

Once on the stands, winterized the head, the engine and the water system. Removed the wheel, chart plotter and remote radio handset. Grabbed a beer from the now almost empty fridge, ate some cold leftover pizza, and disconnected the batteries. Noted the volts so I can keep track whenever I get out to the marina.

Then tackled the winter cover. Had this made several years ago. Has held up well so far. I just tied it to the toe rail this year, as I don’t like the marks the ropes make on the hull. Will have to see how it works. Cover is not as tight this way.

So, she is put away for the winter. May get a few projects done over the winter, but nothing really critical.

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Jan 2, 2017
O'Day 322 Lake Pleasant, AZ
I feel for you, Greg.
If you decide to spend some time this winter thawing out in Arizona send me a PM and I’ll take you out.
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
I feel for you, Greg.
If you decide to spend some time this winter thawing out in Arizona send me a PM and I’ll take you out.
Thanks @AlastairLC . If I get out that way...

Wife and I will be in Maui for a few weeks in February. That (and the Mai Tai’s) always help the winter blues!



Jun 29, 2014
S2 7.3 Fond du Lac
Haul out was today. :( I did get one last sail in yesterday. Very light winds when I got out, but they picked up to about 10 for an hour or so then they died completely.



Alden Forum Moderator
Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
In Hamilton Marine today and picked up the latest Points East magazine. I see the OP, our own Nat55 is the winner of this months, 'Mystery Harbor'. Nice work, Nat!

T Dunn

May 23, 2018
Allied Princess Southwest Harbor
I hauled out on Tuesday (the 23rd). I took sails down last Friday and did all my winterization (oil change, water system, washdown pump, head) except the engine over the weekend. Tuesday morning I motored over to the ramp and was able to tie up easily as the light east wind blew me onto the dock beside the ramp. While I waited for the hydraulic trailer to arrive I winterized the engine. The hauler arrived exactly on time and we had the boat out and masts down in just over an hour. Now both boats are side by side in the shed for the winter.