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TES 28 Magnum


Jul 25, 2013
Macgregor 26S near Vancouver, BC
If anyone here has experience with the TES 28 Magnum, or has even seen one in real life, I'd love to hear about it. Information on this boat is hard to come by. (Yes, I've seen the sailboatdata.com page.)

We're planning to upgrade to a better boat in a year or two, but we're committed to having it trailerable, so the choices are somewhat limited. We've recently started to consider spending more than we had originally planned, and so the TES 28 has re-appeared on our list of options after previously writing it off as too expensive. TES seems to be a fairly popular brand in Europe but still relatively unknown over here. But there is a dealer near Toronto and there seem to be some sailing in Canada, now.

If you're wondering, our list right now is very short--basically, just the Seaward 25/26RK. I have considered the Nor'Sea 27, a boat I like very much, but it probably isn't quite "trailerable" enough for our purposes.