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tall rig mast

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Oct 21, 2008
oday 222 niagara
I have a Cat. 30 tall rig that needs a new mast. The present one is 42 ft long , 5" x 8" , no taper, and single spreader. Can I replace it with a mast of the same size but tapered at the top?
Jun 9, 2008
- -- -Bayfield
Often a tapered mast is designed for a fractional rig while yours is masthead. So, right off the bat, I would say no. But, there might be some tapered rigs that might work. You see a fractional mast would have a sheave at the top for mainsail, but none for a headsail, because that would be located just below where the forestay attaches further below (like 3/4's or 7/8th's etc. depending on the design). I have seen a few masthead tapered rigs, but they are uncommon. They would have the sheave arrangement needed for one main halyard and one or two jib halyards. Also, because of the design of a fractional rig, one reason it is tapered is so it bends much more than a masthead rig and the crane at the top for the backstay helps in this matter.
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