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Summer Cruising

Feb 11, 2017
Just got back yesterday from a cruise to Ibiza and thought I would share some thoughts and pics with you all. For those of you unfamiliar with the Med, the Balearics are a group of islands off the coast of Spain, and the island of Ibiza is the closest landfall for us from Valencia where we live and keep our boat. It is about 80 nm away, and for Zahara, our Shannon 28 cutter, it is doable as a 16 hour day-sail with a very early morning departure.

This was our second cruise to the islands this summer and, this time, we circumnavigated Ebiza, partially out of curiosity and partially out of necessity as the winds were strong and we had to find anchorages that offered protection from different directions. The good thing about such a small island is that being only about 15 nm in length there are always a couple of decent anchorages within 5-10 miles offering protection on the opposite side from where it's blowing.

The pic is of Tagomago, a private island a couple miles off the NE coast of Ebiza. We were the only ones foolish enough to anchor overnight on the sliver of sand under those cliffs. Well worth it, though, as we had the whole island to ourselves to explore. Kudos to the owner of the island, whoever he or she may be, for allowing access and not spoiling the natural setting.

Tagomago is not far, I imagine, from where the legendary Iolaire ( Don Street's famous boat) was lost last month in an accidental jibe which put her on the rocks off that dangerous coast. Have a read.

Tagomago anchorage.jpg


Mar 23, 2017
Hunter 30 Snug Harbor, Lake Champlain
It is a beautiful area to sail. My old boat now sails out of Valencia. When I retire, I plan to sail back over to the Med to sail for an extended time. May the gods of good health and fortune smile on my plans... Lovely photo - share more!