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Sugar Scoop Stern


Jul 31, 2016
Hunter 380 Cape Coral, Fl
Bought an H380. Now been on her for several weeks as we continue to get her ready for a 900 mile trip from N. Charleston to Cape Coral.

Since the late 70s what I wanted was a Cutter rigged Ketch with pirate stern, center cockpit and 50ft long... But lots of years past by. One pulled into the transit slip beside me today at Cooper River Marina. Beautiful, I drooled. Lots of teak and bright work. A work of art. Stain glass window in stern, mermaid at bow.

Today also I launched our 10ft RIB from our Ocean Marine Davits, double fiberglass bottom with 9.9 HP Yamaha. W/O that sugar scoop stern, and getting near 70, it would have been very problematic for my Lab and my wife, lol. I will have to put that old dream aside.

For the past month we have had winds up to 50 knots ( and my Genoa came unfurled, only partly installed before the storm to add to the excitement). The wind coming out of the south blows directly into the slip ( a constant 25-30 knots until this weekend), lot of chop hitting my stern and a strong current with a 6 ft tidal flow. The sugar scoop gets a pounding, but even the guys with double enders were not happy either. So, I'm sold on the sugar scoop for access reasons. My Lab can board it from the water as I can.

I deeply thank all those that said get the biggest RIB with a hard bottom you can with at least 10HP. Not a place to save money. 10FT even seems tight. It was nice planing around Charleston today with my Lab in the bow and I will head to a small island with dog and wife tomorrow.... even a tighter fit. Its a West Marine 310 and they say it will hold 1200 Lbs...lol...... They would have to be very little people made of lead.