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Stops from Charleston to Keywest


Jul 31, 2016
Hunter 380 Cape Coral, Fl
H380, 5ft swing keel. Will be offshore weather permitting for the day otherwise intra coastal. Must be on outside of ditch, from Port Everglades to Government Cut.

I will be heading down from Charleston to Cape Coral Fl. in about 2 months(Early June)..... Looking for overnight places to stay along my route with at least 6 ft. depth, easy access from/to Atlantic/Intracoastal, no bridge problems for 60 ft mast clearance. I do have all the Guide books (and internet sites).

If anyone has great places they would recommend from Charleston to Key West, including anchorages that would be great.

Personal recommendations are worth much more than the Guides and better at talking about the sites/access/dock quality. Planning to average just about 25 miles per day on almost 900 mile trip (actually 10 Miles per day will meet my time goal)... some days more, some days a stay over for a day or two.

Known Hurricane holes along the way would be helpful also. My insurance also pays for hauling out in case of Hurricane.

Regards and thanks,