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Stern perch seats.

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Apr 3, 2009
Hunter 34 Milwaukee
I want to make my own seats. Can anyone trace out the outline of there stern perch seats and mark the holes for mounting. I would being willing to pay for postage.



Sep 25, 2008
Catalina 30 Baltimore
you know the perch seats are on sale right now here at the store - it's actually quite a good deal!
May 17, 2004
Other Catalina 30 Tucson, AZ
I agree with shipwreck66. After all was said and done - finding the product, buying the rail fittings etc it wasn't worth the time and effort I put into building my own - from a cost standpoint. My wife loved the seat. If a guest took her seat she'd wait untill they gave it up and then she'd grab it.
Jun 10, 2009
Catalina 30 Mark II Wickford
I'm going for the hat trick. I hate buying when I can fabricate something and save some $$$. But I priced out the starboard, the fittings, the tubing and the all-important cup holders, I was only saving about $20.

It is the most used add-on I made to my boat - wife and kids fight over them. I never get a chance to use them but I hear they're comfortable. :D

Apr 5, 2010
Catalina 27- 1984 Grapevine
And the one thing you never want to factor into the pricing on do-it-yourself is your labor cost-savings. Labor of Love is greatly overrated for those of us with 60 hr week jobs.
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