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Steering Cable Fell Off


Mar 9, 2016
Catalina 30 Cleveland
On my boat the emergency tiller is secured by a thin nylon line about 3 feet in length so it never disappears into the murky depths of the log lazarette. I can't claim credit for this as was done by the previous owner! Brilliantly simple solution but still need to check it fits and works.
Same with the emergency manual bilge pump.
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Jun 4, 2004
-catalina -22 fresno, calif.
A topic posted by dreadpirath caught my attention. It was titled "steering cable fell off". What happened was his cable fell off while under power and after a frantic search he found the emergency tiller and was able to attach it.

Probably everyone, well not everyone, has a emergency tiller. My1st question is how many of you know where it is!! It should be located next to the helm. How many of you have tried a practice install of the emergency tiller at the dock. I did and the first thing I found was I didn't have a wrench to fit the nut. Once I obtained the proper size wrench I couldn't get the nut off!! What a great predicament I'd have been in if my steering failed when under power or sail.

Dreadpirath indicated he was glad the mishap didn't happen under sail. It easily could have and could have happened under adverse condition, making the situation worse.

Suppose it happened to you under sail and the wind is blowing about 5 knots with choppy condition. I know it's scary, at least to me, but the first thing you have to do is gain control of the situation. What would you do to gain control of the situation? I know calling for a tow is an option but not the answer I'm seeking. The situation is not as bad as it looks - if you have a plan.
Yep, test everything at least once a year. Stuff always goes bad when you are not using it all the time.