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Stainless Elbo Mixer and Flange


Jul 31, 2016
Hunter 380 Cape Coral, Fl
Yanmar mechanic said time to replace elbow and connecting piece at 18 years even though the engine had only 500 hours,. Rust was obvious inside and out.

Bought stainless flange and Elbo for my 3jh3-e 36 HP , 2000 for $140 for elbow and $105 for flange ( 4 bolts to engine block)from HDI, and they look great...


The install went well except for one problem. My mechanic insisted on using plumbing joint sealant (works on iron, more porious, not stainless or even brass well). Fitting leaked slightly, It took days to get him to use a PTFE/Teflon plumbing tape. It stopped the slight leak. Good news he did not charge for the time it took to realize the error of his ways .

This should mean no internal scaling as with Iron. Thickness and dimensions the same. No more electro potential difference than Iron to alum, which is separated by a supplied gasket or the steel bolts that mount the two pieces to engine block. Iron is just very low grade stainless, with less carbon.

But go to their newer HDI site... to order or call Haily...


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