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Spinnaker rig for sj23

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Nov 25, 2012
Anyone have their 23 set up with spin gear? I don't know if I have the ability on my rig, but looking for ideas on how to put topping lift and halyard line.
Oct 6, 2008
Hunter, Island Packet, Catalina, San Juan 26,38,22,23 Kettle Falls, Washington
I have a 82 SJ23 that is set up for a spinaker. I have a spinaker halyard that is mounted and exits next to the jib halyard. When not in use I carry it attached to the adjustable spin track ring mounted on the lower front of the mast. There is also a block about 1/2 way up the mast front that is for the spin pole topping lift. I also carry this on the spin pole tract ring. I also have blocks with snap shackles that I mount in the aluminum toe rail holes that I run the spin pole down haul line through. The last items needed are blocks with snap shackles that are mounted on the toe rail at the back of the boat for the spin sheets. In my case I use snatch blocks at the rear.
Got all that? I don't even know if I do.
On the lower front of my mast there is a 1 inch tract about 5 feet high that has a ring mounted on a car that can be raised or lowered to get the correct spin pole height when flying the kite. This is the anchor for your spin pole and also where I clip all the extra line ends when not in use.
The spin halyard runs either inside or outside the mast and exits at the top front of the mast. Mine is inside, exits at the bottom and is run to the cockpit on the starboard cabin top. I have a "toolbar" which is a 4 inch wide alum bar that spans the cabin top at the forward end of the companionway lid. Many of my line stoppers mount here.
On the port side of the mast is the spin pole topping lift line. It is outside the mast. It runs from the center of the spin pole to the block 1/2 way up the mast then back down the mast and back to the cockpit on the port side.
The spin pole down haul runs from the pole center to the block at the toerail back through some deck mounted eye straps to the cockpit.
There are many good books that show this rigging.
If you have an asymetrical spin you only need the spin halyard. MUCH EASIER.
You could use the jib halyard for an asymetrical spin.
Good luck Ray
Not open for further replies.