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Some pics of Port Jefferson, NY

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Nov 11, 2008
Oday 34 Noank, CT
Ok, there were 2 O'Days here so I figure I can post this here, right?

Ok folks, here are some pics:

Calico Jack and Kalunamoo coming in

Jill E and Deja Vu

The Village Way. Excellent Grub! How about dem dreads...

From way back

The party starting and underway

Food and Fire

Ed, Elain, Paulus, and Rich. The awesome tuna supplied by Paulus

Where should be party next? in the marina or on the water?

Univerity of CT has these bouys out in the sound. You can access them at http://www.mysound.uconn.edu

Don't get this close. It makes them mad.

Sunrise leaving Port Jeff and our friends meeting us back in Mystic
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