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snake river holding tank monitor and need to re-calibrate

Feb 10, 2004
Hunter 40.5 East Greenwich, RI
WOW- are you sure you got the name right?
Back in the day these were manufactured and sold by Snake River. An updated product is now manufactured and sold by Profile Gauges. Very similar gauge, many of the same people involved IIRC.
Oct 29, 2005
Hunter 326 Singapore
Hunter 390 2001, have snake river holding tank monitor and need to re-calibrate. Help !! Many thanks, Bill Small, Norfolk
You can calibrate on Empty or Full tank only. Easier to top up to full,
To calibrate on a Full tank. press C_^_^. (^ up arrow).
To calibrate on an Empty tank. press C_v_^. (v down arrow).

Ken Y
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Snake River has been gone for years, and sadly, Profile Gauges are no longer available either...Dennis Ferriello passed away a few months ago. SCAD, who private lableled the Profile systems, now offers systems from a different source, but till provides tech support and replacement senders for them (see "legacy tank monitors" on their website Scad Tank Monitors ). As old as any Snake River senders have to be, yours may need to be replaced if it won't re-calibrate.

Jul 7, 2004
Hunter 30T Cheney, KS
I have the SCAD monitor. It has to be calibrated empty and full. Shouldn't any system need this?
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Yes. If you've had it more than a year, it's SCAD's version of the Profile Gauges...follow the calibration instructions for the Profile. If it's less than a year old, follow the instructions for SCAD's current systems (see link to SCAD website in my previous post). If it's a Snake River system, it's so old and obsolete that I'd bite the bullet and replace the whole thing.