Site backup and recovery plan


Jun 17, 2004
Macgregor 26x Morecambe
Now that we are developing some significant content, I have started an hourly backup job. Just wanted everyone to know that our collective questions and answers will be preserved for many years for many generations of Challenger owners. Read on only if you want the details!

The forum is stored in a postgreSQL database that I am backing up at a logical level (i.e. SQL) and having emailed to a different system. The recovery plan is pretty simple:
1) install Gentoo linux on a new machine with all the required programs like Apache web server, phpBB web forum and postgreSQL database.
2) import the database from the SQL backup

Downtime is likely to be about two weeks in the worst case scenario (assemble new hardware and bare metal recovery). If I was a little more ambitious I would setup a failover site; I may still do that someday.