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Shifting issues

Jul 30, 2020
Beneteau 373 Sarasota
Hello. We purchased our Beneteau 373 sailing boat a year ago. On the first day the shifter will not shift. We could not shift into a gear. The next day it worked fine. A few months later we had the same isuue. Technician could not find anything wrong, because it was shifting when he was checking it.
Couple of months later it happened again. Did anyone have the same experience and can tell what to do? Thank you so much!!!
Jul 7, 2004
Hunter 30T Cheney, KS
You mean the lever won't move, or the gear won't engage? Describe "will not shift".

Dr. D

Nov 3, 2018
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 Herrington Harbour North
A few years ago we owned a 2003 Jeanneau SO 37. Had been sailing the boat for about a year. One day same thing as you describe happened. I had a tech check the boat a few days later and he found no problems. We were back aboard the next weekend and all was fine. Never happened again. Sorry, I can't provide any more help.
May 17, 2004
Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE Havre de Grace
You’re not pushing the red button on the shifter are you? Some think you need to push the red button as some kind of safety, but that will do just the opposite, revving the engine in neutral.

If it happens again look at the transmission while you try to shift and see if the shift lever on the transmission itself is moving. That should help narrow it down to the linkage or the transmission.