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Sheave sizes (and diagram) Kenyon Mast 4873

Jul 5, 2015
Ericson 34 Nanaimo
Hi all,

I am at my wits end and seeking a diagram and information on the sheave sizes, pin sizes, and any other hardware I need to replace all of my sheaves in a Kenyon 4873 Mast mounted on a 1989 Ericson 34. I have had a buddy go up in a bosun's chair twice, and he took photo's of mast head which for some reason I can't seem to upload here. Can anyone advise sheave sizes, pin sizes, spacers (if any) how many in total, and if possible, a diagram? I'd like to get everything ready prior to converting to all-rope halyards and installing an extra main halyard line and getting ready for a spinnaker halyard as well.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks all