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Sailing near Kona HI

Mar 27, 2012
Seaward Fox Washougal WA
Were heading to Kona next month and I have looked everywhere for a sailing adventure. The only sailing I can find seems to be a little motor sailing to go snorkeling or whale watching. I am looking to sail, not snorkel or whale watch. Anyone know of good day sailing outfit in this area?
Nov 8, 2010
Beneteau First 36.7 & 260 Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
IIRC, there is a sailing club in Kona that has rather casual races on Sunday. You might want to google that and see if you can jump on as crew.


Jan 24, 2007
Marlow-Hunter 37 Deep Creek off the Magothy River off ChesBay
We were there a couple of years ago and went out on a smallish cat which did day sails and sunset cruises. quite nice. we didn't rent it....owner-operator took us out with another couple. quite pleasant. not much wind (kona is on leeward side of big island)


Dec 20, 2003
Pearson 323 . St. Mary's Georgia
I grew up on the Big Island. If you find a boat a great sail is to go from Kona to Kealekeua bay and snorkel. If you can stay the night in the small bay, even better. You have to be careful dropping anchor, all coral areas are restricted. It has been a long time, you will need to check the current anchoring rules. When I was young there was a small place called Kats Kau Kau you could get a lunch from. It was a little hippie place, probably long gone.