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Sailboat as 'investment"???

Jun 7, 2016
Catalina C30 Warwick, RI
Considering I have twice the amount invested into my boat than it is actually worth, I look at sailing as an irresponsible addiction that I only value in family/friend appreciation time.

(True Story) A good friend of mine once said that any boat owner is an idiot, I looked back at him and said but you've owned boats your whole life. His response was "well I didn't say I wasn't an addict" I personally feel this sums up most of us on this forum.

Boats are for pleasure, family, friends, and chasing the dragon.

Personally I would rather die a poor boat owner than live as a wealthy person that obsesses over their lawn.
Jun 11, 2004
Oday 31 Redondo Beach
An investment in mental health. Think of the psychiatry bills I've averted. Where would you rather have your money go?