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Sabre 28 mid-boom sheet up grade

Aug 2, 2014
Sabre 28 Croton, N.Y.
Hello I am trying to find a companionway hatch cover (or garage as some call it) for a Sabre 28 MarkIII.
It has an integrated mainsheet traveler bridge.
I own a Sabre 28 MarkII with the mainsheet at the end of the boom and I would like to reconfigure it like the Mark III. which has mid-boom sheeting.
I have reached out to Sabre for some help finding one but have not yet heard back from them.



Oct 26, 2012
morgan 384 Tarpon springs
Here is the Saber deal on main sheeting. I had a Sabre 28 for 10 years and yes i wanted to mid sheet it also.
I talked to the factory( Glen)and the boom is not strong enough to mid sheet it . It will break !!!!! So get another boom or cut the old one and resleeve it to strengthen it . i was not will risk that . Time and money on what if ?? Lee Nicholas tarpon springs Fla
S 28 Sandpiper 1982