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S2 8.6 Parts Needed

Sep 6, 2011
S2 8.6 Barnegat, NJ
Our 8.6 was damaged against a piling in our slip during TS Isaias last August. The entire stern rail was pushed somewhat toward the port side and the aft starboard corner of the boat was damaged. We need to replace the corner piece of aluminum that covers the rub rail at that location and a portion of the vinyl rub rail. We hope to find a replacement stern rail and aluminum corner piece so we can avoid having new ones fabricated. Re stern rail, if replacement is not feasible due to cost, has anyone had success moving one back into proper position? Does anyone have the aluminum corner piece or some rub rail? Photos attached.
S2 Aft Corner damage 1.jpeg
S2 Aft Corner Damage 2.jpeg
S2 Stern Rail Damage.jpeg
S2 Aft Port Corner Undamaged.jpeg
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum!!

Ouch!! Looks like you have some firberglass work to reapir first. You may be able to source replacenment rub rail parts from Taco Marine Rub Rail TACO Marine , S2 Yachts Rub Rail TACO Marine and instruction manuals TACO Marine. Also refer to their guide attached. Good luck with the project and hope you can get the boat back into the water soon so you can enjoy sailing.


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