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Rudder tilts/stores out of water?


Sep 12, 2019
Catalina, Hobbie 22, 16 Windycrest
It seems the rudder would pivot to 90 degrees and come out of the water completely while in the stored in the boatdock slip. I can only get it to come out of the water a bit when i pull on the lanyard, is this correct?


Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
I can't be sure from the diagram, a picture would be nice, but that drawing looks like it allows about 90 degrees of rotation before hoist lanyard is in a near straight line with the pivot point.
There are some very good after market rudders that lift all the way up.
Find your Boat | Rudder Craft

-Will (Dragonfly)
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