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Rudder Question on 272

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Don Perry

I recently purchased a 1987 272, our first sailboat! I find that the rudder is quite heavy. Upon inspection at purchase no irregular moisture readings were found. Could any owners or sailors familiar with this type of rudder please comment. P.S. I am glad that this sight is up and running, I look forward to using it on an ongoing basis.

Justin - O'day Owner's Web

It should be _pretty_ heavy . . .

Don - When you say that the rudder is heavy, how heavy do you mean? Its a pretty big piece of glass and foam, so it should be fairly hefty, even dry. If the moisture meter didn't detect anything, and if there are no visible cracks, I would not worry about it too much. If you really need to know if there is water inside, you could drill a small hole and examine the shavings. If you do that, be certain to reseal it with a good marine epoxy and appropriate filler. Justin - O'day Owner's Web

Tom Ehmke

rudder on 272

I own a 1986 272 and have the GREAT BIG rudder you are concerned about. I can tell you that it is heavy and that it does float!! I lost mine last May during an incredible sail around the Lake Erie islands when the lower gudgeon failed and I became rudderless for a time. I was able to bring it on board and after a tow into the marina, I got replacement gudgeons, both upper and lower from a chandlery in Connecticut which carries parts for O'day's. I had to redrill the rudder to install the new parts which showed me that the inside of the rudder is filled with dense foam. Because the boat is tiller-steered, I don't worry about the entry of water into the rudder as much as someone who steers with a wheel and has a different rudder attachment. There is no rudder post so unless the rudder is banged about, it's not likely to spring a leak. Enjoy the boat.
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