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Rope Clutch Spring

Jul 6, 2019
Hunter 33 Happy Together Newport, RI
clutch pin.png
I have a 2008 Hunter 33 and the spring arm of one of the rope clutches keeps popping out of the clutch when the outhaul line is pulled. Where can I get a replacement spring? I checked at West Marine and online with no luck. Has anyone had this problem and where can I find a replacement spring?
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Jun 25, 2004
Corsair F24 Mk1 003 San Francisco Bay, CA
Pls attach a picture of the clutch. I can probably Identify the model for you. If it’s a current offering, you can order a replace,ent part directly from spinlock. If the model has been superseded, somebody, maybe me, can send you one off a discarded clutch. Springs like that usually don’t wear out so an old one in good condition will work perfectly.

Old clutches get discarded when too many plastic parts are worn or cracked. Side walls crack, handles break when you step on them and the gripping surfaces get worn out. If two or three plastic parts are cracked, it might be time to replace rather than rebuild. Sooner or later the other plastic parts will crack.

I might have one in my pile of spare parts that I l if it’s an old one they’re not building anymore. So..... post a picture

... and tell us what size halyard you’re using. They are made on different sizes

One good thing about spinlock clutches is that the holes on the base are exactly the for the last three generations. If anything else on the clutch needs replacing, it’s probably cheaper to replace it with a new one, rather than rebuild it.

I just took 3 spinock XS clutches off my 1992. And replaced them. I have enough good plastic parts to build only one good one. But I have metal pins and springs to spare.

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Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Judy is correct that a photo is worth a thousand words as it helps us to determine what you have. If she has a part to send you, reimburse for shipping. She knows what is happening and is a good source. Thanks Judy
Jun 25, 2004
Corsair F24 Mk1 003 San Francisco Bay, CA
That looks like a spinlock XS clutch, which has been discontinued and superceded by the xas series.

There were, as I recall, two models in the xs series. There was one for 4 - 8 mm line (the XS0408. ) and another for 6 - 12 mm line, the (XS0612).

Do you know which size range you have? If a 1/2” line is too fat for the clutch, , it’s the 0408 mm model. 1/2” line is 12 mm.

Spinlock sells replacement parts for the xas. Some of them are which are compatible with the older xs series. For example, they sell replacement cams and strike plates (the gripping mechanism) for the xas which are compatible with the xs series.

Spinlock sell a spring and arm replacement kit for the xas, which has a street price of $14 and is available online. Call them and ask if it’s compatible with the xs clutch you have.
(401) 619-5200
Visit their website to find spare parts, but call tech support before buying anything.

It would be wise to inspect the strike plate and cam for worn flat spots. And the side walls and handle for hairline cracks. If there is other damage, it might be wise (and cost effective) to replace the clutch with a new XAS. It’s a drop in replacement,with the same hole spacing.
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