Rigging a spinnaker

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May 22, 2004
Oday 23 Bullock's Cove, RI
I need some advice about spinnakers and small boats.

I have a 1982 Oday 23 and am now comfortable sailing in a variety of conditions. I have a sailing friend and we get out quite a lot in the summer so there will be 2 people on board.

I would like to learn how to rig and sail with a spinnaker.

I was given a spinnaker a couple of years ago and it has sat in the sail locker. This year I'd like to use it and fly down Narrangansett Bay.

The boat is not rigged for one so ... What do I need?
Any recomended web sites or books which will help me understand how to trim the spinnaker?
What about dousing? I have read about socks and snuffers but when I have crewed on racing boats we just dropped the spinnaker.

Thanks in advance for your help

Bullocks Cove, RI


Aug 24, 2005
Nassau 34 Olcott, NY
Also some turning blocks - or pad eyes and snatch blocks - at each stern quarter.
Oct 22, 2008
- Telstar 28 Buzzards Bay
You'll also need a ring mounted on the mast or a track for a sliding ring, since the pole has to attach to something.

You also need a topping lift and downhaul. The topping lift will require a block on the mast someplace.
Jan 22, 2008
Beneteau 323 Annapolis MD
Maybe first you'd want t know if it is a symetrcal or asymetrical spinnaker !


Jun 27, 2006
Tartan 27' 1967 Nyack, NY
I am going to ASSUME that you have a symmetrical spinnaker

I need some advice about spinnakers and small boats.

What about dousing? I have read about socks and snuffers but when I have crewed on racing boats we just dropped the spinnaker.
Since you have crewed on a racing boat that flew a spin then I will also assume that you know about the pole, halyard, topping lift, guy/sheet rigging stuff. If there will be 2 of you doing this one person will be at the helm holding the boat dead down wind (DDW) while the other is up forward fussing with the rigging lines and pole. I would not raise or douse a symmetrical spin on any point of sail other then DDW. When dousing the sail you will need to keep a little pressure on the halyard so the sail does not fly out or into the water while you are gathering it up - also, use the main sail to blanket the spin so there is little or no pressure on it.
Disclaimer: I have only flown the symm. spin on our T 27' a couple of times and once on my 19' Lightning but every time we have used the spin it was with a crew of two.


Jan 26, 2005
C&C 110 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
You'll also need a dedicated spinnaker halyard with a block at the top of your mast. Also some sheets/guys and if you need more spaghetti some tweeker lines are optional. You don't really need a sock for a 23 foot boat but a spinnaker bag that clips to the lifeline would be helpful. Banding the luffs together vertically using rubber bands at 3 foot intervals will help prevent the spinnaker from prematurely opening when hoisting. It's a good trick to assure the sail will reach full hoist before it fills. (Not a very environmentally friendly solution) Start by selecting a calm day to see how your spinnaker rigging will be set up. Then when you get comfortable with the new sail go out and have some fun in the bigger winds. You'll have a blast, for sure.
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