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Replacing reef and outhaul locking levers on Isomat 26 Boom


Aug 23, 2020
Oday 28 Branford
Hello to all and thanks in advance for any help y'all might be able to give. I had also placed this question in the "Ask All Sailors" forum so apologies for the double post. I have to replace one of the reef line locking levers on my N26 Isomat boom. They are mounted on that stainless shaft you see circled in the picture below. I don't know how to get that shaft out? There doesn't seem to be any obvious thing locking it in. Has anybody had to perform this task? It looks like maybe it could just be driven or pressed out? I was hoping one of y'all might have traveled this road before me and could guide me before, if past history is a predictor of future failure, I break something LOL.
Once again, Thank You
Fair Winds
Bob S.
'83 Oday 28 - Kiltimagh