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Replacement Teak

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Doug Nelson

Greetings from NC! I have a 1978 Catalina 22 that is in desperate need of new teak topside (companionway, sliding hatch rails and hand rails). Can anyone give me the name or website of a company that supplies such? I'd be grateful. . . I love woodworking, but I wanna go sailing, not REBUILD my poor boat. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you. . . Doug (doug.nelson@dana.com)



Catalina Direct should have all the teak parts you need but teak is in short supply. They do place a warning in their catalog that teak supply is a problem and will be carried as long as they can obtain it. If you do change your mind and try to make your own replacement parts be warned, last week I was quoted a price of $17.75 a board foot for teak! This stuff is far from cheap. Either way, from Catalina Direct or making it yourself, it will not be cheap. Good luck.....Tom

Phil Herring

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Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
We can get that for you, too

Our teak supplier (here on CO) is a Catalina owner and makes many replacement parts for boats. Write me at phil@planetcat.net and I'll put you in touch with him.

mike rupp

teak outlets

You can get raw teak from the Teak Connection in Florida and mill it yourself, or contact Catalina Yachts directly in Cal. and order the premade replacements from them. IF the teak is only worn and not split and cracked, you can refinish it by sanding the surface layer off and varnishing. If you've done woodworking, you'll probably know how and have a palm sander that can make this go fast. mike
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