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Removing fuel pickup tube from tank in an O'Day 28


Jun 18, 2014
Oday 28 Midland
Diesel keeps cutting out at cruising rpm (fuel starvation). Can bleed at injection pump to restart.
Changed both filters (Racor/engine filter). Filters weren't that dirty (change annually). Pumped out/replaced 8 gal fuel, replaced all hoses to injection pump, replaced fuel pump.
I'm thinking pick up tube may be obstructed.
Not much room above tank (4 in.) to remove tube to check/clean.
Anyone with an O'Day 28 had this problem? Can p/u tube be removed?
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Can p/u tube be removed?
You Betcha... Sawsall, a hammer, screw driver, and a wrench...

Did you find debris in the tank when you removed the fuel? Diesel debris comes in several forms. There are three basic areas of contamination concern – water, inorganic debris (sand, dust, rust), and organic debris (products of fuel breakdown, microbial products and the waste products of fuel deterioration).The easy stuff looks like coffee grounds or water which your filters can remove, mostly. The more insidious stuff is a goo like jelly, “organic debris”. This microbial contamination, mistakenly referred to as diesel fuel algae, has more to do with petroleum gums, varnishes and lacquers. Microbes – bacteria/molds/fungus - do grow and cause problems in stored fuel.

You need to affirm that the hoses and all connections are clean. They must allow fuel to flow unrestricted.

I was having a problem with fuel flow. I cleaned the hoses. Still the issue persisted. I removed the hoses and ran a small brush through the inflow fitting of the filter. I pulled out what resembled the goo that forms in varnish when contaminated with water and allowed to dry a bit. Sticky ball of goo. It floated in the hose and when sucked to the fitting plugged up the fuel line. When the engine was shut down the goo would float back into the hose.

Removed the goo, flushed the lines and all has been good. A good flush my be what you need to clear the p/u tube. Then you can put the sawsall back in the garage.
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Jun 18, 2014
Oday 28 Midland
All hoses are new to the injection pump. The diesel (8 gal) I removed from the tank was an opaque greenish colour. There was no evidence of dirt, sand, ... I always use a conditioner/biocide.
Thanks for your reply.
May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
There is nothing much that you could do by removing the pick up tube other than unnecessary damage. There is one sure way of determining if the problem lies in the fuel tank and that is to use fresh fuel in another known to be clean tank. Get a portable outboard engine tank and fill it with fresh diesel and connect the fuel hose going to your primary filter. Run the boat and see if the problem persists. If you determine your problem is in the main tank I would suggest contracting a fuel polishing and tank flush service. They use strong pumps and a series of filters which use the fuel as the flushing element while filtering water and sediments from the fuel. Returning fuel under pressure to the bottom of the tank can dislodge sediments that have settled. It will also remove any globs of gelatin which could be floating in the fuel. Expect to pay $200-$300 for the service. The alternative would be to actually clean the tank itself by cutting an inspection port on it.
Jul 5, 2011
Oday 28 Madison, CT
Did you miss twisting off the bottom of the electric fuel pump, pulling the plastic fine sieve and magnet and and cleaning those out?