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Recommendations for Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Sep 27, 2008
Hunter 41 Longport,NJ
Hi - I have a 2004 Hunter 41 with an asymmetrical spinnaker that has never been used - now that I've learned the boat - it's time to learn this ! The sail has no sheets from what we have seen - so we are looking for some recommendations for length, width, type of line and potentially hardware experienced folks like yourselves can make ? Yes - I won't dare try it out unless I have an experienced crew member aboard - just want to get it rigged in advance.

Many thanks



Jul 31, 2010
AquaCat 12.5 17342 Wateree Lake, SC
Terry’s link suggestions should be very helpful. I figured mine out (for a much smaller boat) by watching millions of videos. Having experienced crew onboard will help tremendously. Good luck and keep us posted. It’s loads of fun!
Jun 11, 2011
Hunter 41 Lewes
You need a turning block on the ring welded to the traveler arch so you can take your spinnaker sheet and run it through and onto the winch. I have one on each side of the arch that I use for both my Asym and Power Sail from Doyle. The Doyle sail was a waste of money by the way. I also have a 12' piece of Dyneema line that stays with the spinnaker and I attach the port and starboard sheets to that line so that they don't weigh down the clue on the spinnaker.
May 25, 2012
john alden caravelle 42 sturgeon bay, wis
jim, i use my asymmetrical a lot. here is my tip for making it very easy. when putting up or taking down, first, head the boat dead down wind with the main all the way out. hoists or lower the halyard and then the sock inside the 'wind shadow' behind the main. then round up for reaching. makes it all very controllable
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Sep 27, 2008
Hunter 41 Longport,NJ
Thank you everyone for all this terrific information - will process and especially take a look at the mounting opportunities on the arch. What type of line and how thick would you get for the sheets ?
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
What type of line and how thick would you get for the sheets
Went with 7/16th inch double braid, the smallest that would work through our genoa self tailing winches. Plenty strong and size feels good in the hands.
Oct 27, 2016
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May 20, 2016
Catalina 36 MK1 94 Everett, WA
Don’t bother with two sheets at first. To gybe sock it and move the sheet to the other side. I have an atn tacker to hook the sail tack to the fore stay. You can use a fixed down haul at first and add a down haul as you gain experience flying it.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
You want to rig an adjustable tack line.... that allows you to change draft depth .... the tighter the apparent wind angle, the flatter you'll want the sail.
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Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
I have a sock but instead prefer my CDI furler that allows me to deploy and furl it from the cockpit with a continuous line back to the cockpit The spinnaker is initially furled on the CDI furler and tied off with breakable yarn.