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Recommendation for a good TV

Sep 27, 2008
Hunter 41 Longport,NJ
Hi all - have that Hunter 41 - time for a new TV - any recommendations or words of wisdom ?


Jul 19, 2013
Pearson 31-2 Boston
You do want to use a 12 v tv. Plugging a tv into an inverter is an energy hog unless you live on shore power. While you can use any 12v tv on your boat, ten years ago or so when we bought our tv we paid the premium for a Majestic
because their equipment is designed to use low amps and be very tolerant of low voltage conditions, thus ideal for marine and RV use. It has worked perfectly for us, providing a good picture even when the interior lights are getting dim...


Jul 29, 2018
O'Day 35 Buzzards Bay
That Majestic looks nice, quite spendy though, I have one of these (12V) and it has worked well the last 3 years, no complaints:
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Aug 12, 2018
Hunter 26 Carter Lake, Colorado
You might not necessarily have to go with a TV specifically marketed as 12v. You might be able to find models with an external AC adapter that happens to feed it with 12v DC. That’s what I did a while back for my RV, with an Insignia NS-19E310NA15. If 12v non-inverter operation is important in your case.

Of course, a 19” might be small for your 41er.
Apr 8, 2011
Hunter 36 Deale, MD
Installed a Supersonic 12v 22" tv from WalMart in 2019 at the wife's request. It fit perfectly above the nav station and is completely out of the way. Nothing bigger would fit there. I typically leave it unplugged to keep it from becoming a vampire drain on the system, but when on the LCD uses very few aH. Since its inside the cabin I haven't noticed any issues at all in 2 years with corrosion, etc. It is advertised as "compatible with RVs and boats", though I strongly suspect that is only due to it running off of 12v, and nothing to do with being marinized. Picture quality is very acceptable, and I can plug an iPad or iPhone directly into it to watch Netflix, etc. I run its audio out to the stereo aux and get good sounds from the cabin speakers.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
You might consider using the TV display to show your route, as they do on planes. Just make the display an extension of the chart plotter.