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Rebedding bow pulpit on Catalina 310

Apr 6, 2013
Catalina 310 Annapolis
I recently purchased a 2002 Catalina 310. During the survey, the moisture meter read "wet" around two of the stanchions for the bow pulpit. I want to take the whole pulpit off and rebed it but can't figure out how to reach the bolts on each of the pulpit stanchions. Has anyone ever done this and, if so, how did you get at the bolts? There is a PDF on this board showing how someone rebedded their lifeline stanchions by removing wood trim in the cabin and then cutting away the fiberglass. That is not something I want to try. Has anyone found a less invasive way to get at the bolts?
Sep 25, 2008
Alden 50 Sarasota, Florida
Presuming you have to remove the rotten core material, the bolts should be accessible once you cut open the deck.
Apr 6, 2013
Catalina 310 Annapolis
I am hoping it is only a small patch of wet core that I can use the drill and nail at a right angle method to take out the wet core then fill with epoxy and redrill the holes. But I will need to figure out how to access the nuts to remove the bolts to assess the problem.
Nov 18, 2010
Catalina 310 Hingham, MA
The forward two supports have aluminum plates embedded in the hull. There are no nuts. Just unscrew. I find the #3 Phillips bits for rachets to work best.

The back two are another story. Each base has three machine screws that are backed with fender washers, lock washers and nuts. After you remove the wooden panel at the head of the bed you can crawl in and see two of the nuts by looking straight up at the bulkhead. The stern most bolt and nut is accessed under the teak trim piece in the berth. It was by far the worst one on the boat to reach. My wife had to do it because my hands were too big.

I hope you are counter sinking the holes and using Bed-It Butyl Tape so you never have to do it again.

Good luck