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Ready. Set. Whoa!

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
Memorial Day weekend looms... will your boat be in the water and/or ready to roll for summer?

Did you complete your painting, waxing, re-bedding, rigging, maintenance, and all the other pre-season projects?

We all need your status report... and it was due yesterday.

Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
:( my status report is sad. I did get a few layers of barrier coat on my CB. It needs a few more.
:) I also increased the size of our fleet with a Windmill woody. 20190507_205748.jpg She is in excellent shape for a free used boat and I am expecting to have her sail ready this week. :dancing:.
I also have a couple of big commissions for artwork that will interfere with all of this along with new queens arriving for four additional bee hives.20190509_174129.jpg Electric fence that's down and chicken fencing with big holes in it and one where a bear has leveled it. No birds lost to the bear. He just wanted their grain.

Progress is slow but advances are being made.

-Will (Dragonfly)


Jan 6, 2006
Beneteau 423 Mt. Sinai, NY
We are a last out / first in customer. Boat was launched 2 weeks ago. Have already spent 3 nights on the boat and wife cooked some great meals...... just plugged in at slip with heater running kept cabin at a nice 70 degrees!
Got necessary projects done and can continue tinkering while in the water. Many ongoing projects.

Nov 8, 2010
Beneteau First 36.7 & 260 Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
We've been in for a week. Boat in pretty good shape. We had a little party on the boat yesterday around dinnertime, but before that I spend a couple of hours wiring the mast mounted racegeek into the boat's Seatalk network, after first converting it to NMEA. Now the geek can show wind and depth info on the mast. Handy for cruising. Funny firmware issue, the unit only displays depth in meters. Next version fix!

Feb 3, 2015
Marlow Hunter 37 Reefpoint Marina Racine, WI
Boat has been in for two weeks now. Spent the first week living on her and doing chores. Loading her up, restocking, doing some commissioning. Found two unanticipated maintenance items. Discovered the water heater was leaking. More concerning, discovered bilge 75% full and bilge pump silent. I could run bilge manually so figured it was the float and so it was. The water heater was an easy fix, albeit painful due to my arthritis and limited working space. Slip neighbor helped with it as his hands are smaller and less arthritic. I found a fitting that was leaking at the bottom of the hot water tank. As I was looking at it and trying to figure out how I could get in there to tighten it, I noticed a small rubber gasket laying right under it! Due to my time limits last fall, I had the yard drain and winterize the heater. Yup, they missed that little gasket!


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Jul 7, 2004
Hunter 30T Cheney, KS
We have been in for 3 weeks now. I still need to finish repairing my halyard winch. Part arrived from Hutton in Australia.
Right now the club is flooded and the crane is shut down. No more boats can launch unless they want to try the ramp.

Attached pics. One is standing in the middle of the parking lot with waders on, looking back at the Afterdeck. The second is from my boat looking at the flooded crane dock.
20190511_155347_resized.jpg 20190511_150604_resized.jpg
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Ward H

Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
Being the second winter of owning a boat with deferred maintenance, I should have concentrated on the maintenance. But no, I had to throw in a few upgrade projects. Then a few more just for fun.
I could be in as early as next week and finish my list while on the water but a lot of the stuff I need to do is easier to do on the hard than bouncing on the water.

We may be in the water for Memorial Day but most likely the week after.

Completed: New DC Panel, new AC Panel, new custom DC outlet panel, new Smart Plug, new Balmar SG200 Battery Monitor, Converted Alt to ER and installed Balmar MC614 ER, new fuel lines, relocated fuel filter, 4 new thru hulls and valves, new Groco sea water strainer, new hot water tempering valve on WH, new speed and depth transducers, back plane for new SeaTalkng network components, scrape bottom, wire brush and paint prop and shaft.

In Process: Mount new instruments in pod, wire pedestal guard and reinstall, wire STng network, new GI, new fresh water fill hose and commission water system, repair steering gear hatch cover, install new outhaul, bottom paint.
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May 1, 2011
Pearson 37 Lusby MD
My boat's been in since 22 Mar. Have lost a few weekends of sailing because of weather, but enjoying the season thus far. Marguerite is absolutely ready for this weekend!
Oct 26, 2008
Catalina 320 Barnegat, NJ
My boat is getting a good rinsing on the inside since I left her on Saturday with 4 port lights wide open. :doh: (Northeast has been getting soaked by rain lately)
Dec 29, 2008
Treworgy 65' Custom Steel Pilothouse Staysail Ketch St. Croix, Virgin Islands
I also have a couple of big commissions for artwork that will interfere with all of this along with new queens arriving for four additional bee hives. Electric fence that's down and chicken fencing with big holes in it and one where a bear has leveled it. No birds lost to the bear. He just wanted their grain.
What do you do in your spare time?
Oct 30, 2017
Catalina c 27 Lake Pueblo
we stayed in all winter for our second winter now...
that said I spent last weekend working on the boat. Polishing and waxing and doing some wood maintenance. Brought the new puppy with me so she could get used to being on the boat.


next weekend we are polishing/waxing the hull (while she is in the water) but to be honest, I’ll get that done when it gets done. If the wind is nice we sail.

We already have 18 days sailing in and it was a rough winter.
Oct 29, 2016
Hunter 41 DS Port Huron
Repair VDO hour gauge LCD display - Complete
Traced out 90% of the electrical system - 90% Complete
Balmar Charging system with external regulator upgrade - Complete
Installed PYI Dripless - Complete
Moved batteries from under navigation seat to below sole in proper (4) place T-105 battery box and closer the alternator (moves about 150# down 2' and in toward centerline 2') - Complete
Hull waxed - Complete (Have to say, the 3 step process @Maine Sail posted a couple of years back I did, it took a week but now (3) season later, the waxing job is very easy and the hull looks like new)
Scum line sanded and repainted - Complete
I also polished and waxed the areas on the transom which are difficult to get to once in the water, will finish the deck once in, which is tomorrow.
Maybe once in spring will actually arrive, I believe that we have had (2) days this year thus far that the temperature actually crept above 70*, the rest of the time it has been cold and wet.
Jun 14, 2010
TBD Looking for my next boat CT
Well, I was all set to launch the Thursday before last, but last Fall I had a little bit of water spinning out of the interface between the disk and the carbon facing of the PSS shaft seal bellows. I had let it go all winter because I figured all I need to do is slide the disk a bit and that would tighten it up. The first picture shows what it looked like -- you can see the tell-tale line made by the carbon-water spray that was being thrown from the disk interface to the carbon facing.

Well, I should not have waited. The day before launch I made the adjustment, but while doing it thought "maybe I should inspect this more carefully". Glad I did. The 2nd picture shows the ugly stainless disk pitting from electrolysis.

PYI (who makes the PSS seal) recommends wet sanding using 600-grit paper laid on a glass surface, to keep everything flat and smooth. I did that for a while and my Fit-bit congratulated me on the great exercise I was getting, but the progress was very slow. The pitting was too deep, so I went to 320 grit paper. That was too aggressive and I damaged the disk even more by scratching it. See 3rd picture.
cleaned disk.jpeg

So I ordered a new part. I have to say I love PYI customer service. Quick, no hassle and on-time delivery. $110 and two days later I had the new part. See 4th picture. This is the way it should be. Installed Saturday, and ready to launch later this week.
Jan 12, 2016
Hunter 410 Ladysmith, BC
Boat never leaves the water. In the last three weeks it has been very busy. Diver has cleaned bottom and switched out the zincs. Diesel engine, batteries, refrigeration, and all water strainers serviced. Cleaned inside and out. Each cabin got a 60 minute ozone soak after the cleaning. Cockpit de-oxidized and waxed. Dodger/bimini cleaned. All electronics tested. Outboard for the tender is serviced. I'm fortunate I've got a wife who helps me out a lot with these projects so most have gone by fairly quickly.

Next week new sails!


Alden Forum Moderator
Jun 22, 2004
Alden 38' Challenger yawl Rockport Harbor
I haven't even cut the shrink wrap off yet.
I got the cover off just in time to prep for the Nor'easter roaring up the coast: Turn the cowl vents toward the Southwest, tighten jack stands.

There is so much to do this time of the year. More important was getting a second coat of paint on one section of my house; starting at the third floor and cranking down. Should be dry by the time the rains hit.