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Rasmus forehatch struts

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Nov 7, 2009
Hallberg Rassy Rasmus Dart River
The original stainless steel struts supporting the forehatch on our Rasmus 35 no longer hold the hatch open securely. Rather than fitting new (gas) struts does anyone know of a way of refurbishing the old ones so that they will hold the hatch in the open position? They are a simple construction of a rod with a sleeve at the inner end sliding inside the body of the strut. The rod is prevented from coming fully out of the body by a nut. There is evidence of lubrication and I have tried simply re-filling the rod with grease but this doesn't seem to increase the holding capacity.

Any suggestions?

Jul 7, 2010
hr rasmus 35 west coast
dart river i had the same problem with my front hatch, so i shimmed the strut supports in ward a little by placing a piece of 1/4 inch afracian mahogony behind the stainless mount that is screwed into the hatch well. worked for me the only down fall is that the hatch will not fully open...but it will still open to about 70 deg. just not 90 like before. but the hatch never falls down even while under way
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