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Raritan Electro-Scan waste handling system In New York


May 2, 2021
Beneteau Oceanis 31 t.b.d.
Dear Sailboat Owners,

I would like to know if the Raritan Electro-Scan waste handling system with USCG–certified Type I approval can be used within the State of New York, in paticular in the Long Island Sounds? I have purchased the boat with this system and also considering to change it to a classic withholding tank, but not sure if its an easy to do thing and/or what I need to consider changing it.

Thank you in advance.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum!!

Most of New York State's coastal waters and connecting waterways are No Discharge Zones, where it is illegal to discharge treated or untreated sewage from boats. Boaters must instead dispose of their sewage at pump-out stations, available at many marinas New York State's No Discharge Zones - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

If you do not have a holding tank that is the first thing I would install and car seal the valves that discharge toilet waste overboard closed. I have Raritan Electro-Scan waste handling system and holding tank so the first thing I did was direct the toilets to the holding tank and car seal the overboard discharge valve closed.

You might find these articles helpful:
BoatWorks: Holding Tank Set-up - Sail Magazine
A Practical Marine Holding Tank Installation (sailboat-cruising.com)
How to Install a Holding Tank on a Boat | DoItYourself.com
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Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Welcome aboard Sailboatowners.com Mathias!
You'll find a complete list of No Discharge Zones organized by state here:
EPA NDZ list by state
Surely you don't plan to confine your sailing to NY and New England waters and once you get south of LIS, the discharge of TREATED waste is legal in most coastal waters all the way to the Keys. So I wouldn't replace the ES with a holding tank...I'd ADD a holding tank. Ronco Plastics is your best source. They make TOP quality thick-walled water and waste tanks for a very reasonable price and have more than 400 shapes and sizes, over 100 of which are non-rectangular, and they install fittings in the sizes and locations specified by the customer when they make the tank. There are retailers who sell Ronco tanks, but Ronco sells direct for a much lower price...and they're great to work with. Their marine tank catalog is here:
Ronco Plastics marine Tanks When looking at drawings it's important to know that there is no top or bottom until the fittings go in, and YOU decide where they go. So rotate, flip in any orientation to find the tank that fit your space. I'll be glad to help you decide the best size and location for it and how best to plumb it.

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