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Ranger 33 Value

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Jul 24, 2011
Ranger 33 Bellingham
I am getting ready to sell my 1976 Ranger 33 which I have owned for 16 years. I am trying to establish a fair value. The boat is in good condition considering it's age. Anyone out there have any insight into this ?
May 18, 2009
Beneteau First 38 Portland
There's a lot of factors that drive the value
- Engine (original A4?)
- Sail condition
- Electronics
- Needed repairs (deck soft spots, bent bow pulpit, corroded rigging, etc.)

and the biggest one, the market conditions. The future buyer will probably want a survey, so maybe you should go ahead and get one. They should be able to ballpark it for you.

I paid $16K for my '75 (A4, serviceable sails, deck soft spots, no shower). After adding $10K in new sails and repairing the deck, I'd expect to get $20K maybe. There was one for sale for more than a year in Seattle on Craigslist that had a diesel, H/C water, shower, cabin heater and 6 sails asking $17.5K - don't know what it went for.

There are four R33's on Yachtworld right now three of which are under 20K.

Mar 8, 2011
Ranger 33 Norfolk
I paid $12k for my '75 last year. 135 and 155 are 5 years old, working jib is in great condition but age unknown. Mainsail is full batten and 6 years old. Symmetrical spinnaker is 3 years old. Electrical needs updating, some soft spots/wet deck, and had to jack the cabin top up. . .wheel steering is old but works fine. . .standing rigging was ok, but I replaced them anyways. Roller furling is 5 years old. . .

I thought I got a good price in a down economy, but I could probably had waited for the price to go down some and gotten an even better deal. . .I've seen them listen no less than $16k. . .mostly between $18k and 22k with lots of upgrades though :doh:
Jan 25, 2012
Ranger 33 Coronado

I paid $13K for a 78 R33 in April 2011. The boat was in excellent condition, but was located at Lake Mead, which made it a difficult sale. It cost me a lot to get it to San Diego. The boat has a Universal Diesel, 16 sails in excellent condition, no real working electronics and a Porta Potti replaceing an ElectraSan.

I would be interested in info from you on the following:

1. My R33 has no holding tank. If yours does, could you describe it to me?

2. My R33 has no fuel tank measure. Does yours? If so, what? If not, how do you measure?

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