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Quality cooler with "sliding" lid?

Aug 16, 2018
Seaward 23 Annapolis
My boat has a special cooler arrangement. Think I've seen it in some other boats but sure how common it is, so not sure if many others have had this issue. The cooler is in the lazarette so can be accessed from the cockpit, but from the cabin you can also slide off the lid and (sort of) access the cooler, basically where quarter berths usually are. I think this is clear? I can try to find a photo. The way the cooler is wedged in there you can only open it by sliding the lid to the side.

My problem is the cooler doesn't look so great so I'd like to get a new one, and possibly upgrade to something that stays colder longer. But I'm having a hard time finding (quality) coolers that have a sliding lid! They all seem to have hinged flip-top lids now. Maybe removing the hinges would be my best bet? I guess that would depend on the design. Any suggestions?
Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Nameless Revelstoke
Bad design, the drinks should be in the toilet and the fire in the holding tank as not to melt your ice