Purchasing a 2005 Hunter 27, recommendations for replacing toilet?

Nov 5, 2020
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New to the forum and to sail boats. I am purchasing a 2005 Hunter 27 Deluxe model. The boat is in good shape, but it looks like the original toilet. I would like to replace it with a new one. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on which toilet and pump assembly I should be looking into and cost. Appreciate any suggestions.

Dec 2, 1997
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First--welcome aboard!

Here's one suggestion worth considering:
On any boat much smaller than about 30' a self-contained system—an "MSD" portapotty--makes a lot of sense. The "MSD" designation in the model name/number means it has fittings for a pumpout line and vent line, and is designed to be permanently installed (actually just sturdier brackets than portables, so you could still take it off the boat if you absolutely have to), which means that although it's still called a PORTApotty, you don't have to carry anything including urine jugs off the boat to empty it.

A 5-6 gallon model is household height and holds 50-60 flushes...you'd need at least a 30 gal tank to hold that many from a manual marine toilet and I'm not sure a "composter" can hold that much poop and organic material needed to absorb the liquid in solid waster (which, btw is about 75% water). No plumbing needed except a vent line and pumpout hose--so no new holes in the boat...and -0- maintenance needed except for rinsing out the tank--which you can do with a bucket while it's being pumped out. Total cost including the pumpout hose and vent line is about $200--a fraction of what you'd spend for toilet, tank and all the related plumbing needed. And the best part is, you have all the advantages of a toilet and holding tank without giving up a single square foot of storage space.

If this idea appeals to you, check out the Dometic/SeaLand 975MSD. If not, we can discuss other options.

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Nov 5, 2020
Hunter 27 Bozman from a dock
Thanks Peggy for the thoughtful reply. I will respond to this thread with some options I am evaluating.

Thanks @rgranger for the correction on sailboat - noted!

Jul 5, 2011
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Raritan PH Superflush. Good price, great reliability. Best of three I have had in my boat over the 25 years I have owned it.
Nov 8, 2007
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We have loved our MSD on our ‘77 h27 for 21 summers now. Adding oxygen with Odorlos keeps it odor free. And our capacity is higher than a 15 gallon tank. (Up to 5 days for the two of us.) And it’s mechanically simple. Actually no parts to wear out or repair. (Normal marine toilets typically need parts replacement every 5 years at least.) And pump out is easy.
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