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Proper tying up at slip

Aug 5, 2005
- - Laurel, Ms
Hunter 26 and 23.5 how do you guys tie up in a slip. I don't like the fact that these boats only have 3 cleats. And then no midship cleats.
I feel like I'm gonna fill up the forward cleat with the 2 bow lines, and then have no where to attach spring lines to.
how do you guys handle it...
Mar 23, 2016
Hunter 26 MN
I added mid cleats (with a backing plate to support them). I tie up to a dock instead of a slip and the extra cleats are handy for docking.
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Sep 25, 2008
Alden 50 Sarasota, Florida
You can install larger cleats or midship cleats or both. Some people tie to chainplate shrouds but that has other issues such as chafe.
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Lake Martin AL
I added mid cleats (with a backing plate to support them). I tie up to a dock instead of a slip and the extra cleats are handy for docking.
@rade0041 Would you mind posting pics of your mid-cleat setup. I've been thinking of adding these..

In a manner similar to the U-bolts to which the shrouds are connected.

However, I'd love to see how it has been working on someone else's boat.
Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 23.5 Calgary, Canada
I put a little loop of line between the u-bolts of my shrouds. From there I run spring lines fore and aft to cleats on the dock near the bow and stern. The line was a bit chaffed after 15 years so I replaced it a few years ago. It was a temporary measure but I've had it this way for 18 years now on a dock
that is totally exposed to wind and waves on a small 1 mile by 7 Mile Lake.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
many folks use the winches as mid ship cleats.
Mar 23, 2016
Hunter 26 MN
I wasn't able to find a picture. I can try to remember to take on this weekend. I just used a cleat identical to the ones on the back of my H26. I drilled holes just like the chain plate but back close enough to the cockpit that I could reach the cleat easily. I put in a chunk of aluminum on the bottom similar to the way the chain plate is done. I trimmed some of the fiberglass underneath to make that fit.
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Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
If on any Hunter water ballast with one cleat forward you could remove the forward berth plate or wall which could give access to the deck. Then you can add cleats but make sure you have installed a backing plate.

If adding cleats to the rub rail make sure you use long tubular backing plates under the rub rail. However be careful doing it this way and also this applies to the shroud chain plates as I died boats
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Aug 2, 2010
J-Boat J/88 Cobourg
A word of warning from someone who should have known better. This weekend in some portion of 24 hours my boat chewed though a 1/2" dockline in good shape chafing at the aluminum toerail. She has been tied up this way all year with no sign of wear because running through the fairlead made the stern line pull her toward the crossdock and was in the direction of the prevailing breeze. This weekend the wind was in an unusual direction blowing her off the dock and in a direction that allowed some fetch in the marina.
I believe that using the fairlead would have prevented the problem as the bow and mid-ship lines were run through fairleads and had zero chafe. Lucky for me a member of the marina saw the situation and re-secured her before any damage was done.
Won't do that again!