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propeller selection, and shifting

Jul 20, 2020
Hunter 30 1001 Nyack NY Hudson River
was on the boat this weekend, down is forward on my '81 hunter
Dec 14, 2003
Hunter 34 Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
Pushing down, or forward seems normal to me, to go into FWD. Most all Hunter boats have LH props, but back in the day there were some Righties. Is the boat out of the water?
Dave I believe an explanation is needed to your comment about Hunter boats having LH props. As you well know prop rotation is a fonction of the engine. All Hunters built with a Yanmar engine have RH props. Position of control lever (or levers if separate levers for transmission engagement and for fuel) has nothing to do with prop rotation unless the cables were reversed on a particular boat, which would mean going to a prop with the opposite rotation but would also mean that the transmission ratio would be changed. For example, my 3GM30F Yanmar with a Kanzaki KM3P tranny has a 2.61/1 ratio in FWD gear and roughly 1.95/1 in reverse. RH prop. If the cables were reversed, and a LH prop was installed, the FWD ratio would then be 1.95/1 in FWD gear, i.e. not as efficient.

Dave Groshong

SBO Staff
Staff member
Jan 25, 2007
Catalina 22 Seattle
All I know for sure is we've sold hundreds of LH propellers for Hunter boats over the last 24 years and about 1 RH.