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PROP upgrade size


Sep 30, 2008
ODay-25th Anniversary Edition 28 Madeira Beach, Florida
Sooooo, as an additional add on to my last post -

Peter, at Marlowe - Hunter gave me the original 2 blade prop size of 15 x 12 RH, that is what the boat left the factory with,
FINE,, what should the new PITCH angle be for a 3 blade prop,,, yes, I know, less pitch,

and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 26, 2020
Hunter 29.5 Bronte
On my Hunter 29.5 I also had one of the Martec 15x12 RH 2-blade props. I just had a Campbell Sailer 3-blade made up and the recommendations on it was 14x7. I will know in a couple weeks at launch if it was the right pitch.
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
If you provided the motor, transmission and shaft details to WestbyNorth for them to produce your prop take confidence in the process. I worked with them, and got a prop that propels my boat exceedingly well. Improved performance under power and better sailing.
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