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ProFurler Basic B35 Foil

Sep 11, 2019
Hunter 386 Lake St. Clair
Looking for a B35 Foil and Connector for our Sailboat. Any ideas where I might locate one? Not having much luck online.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Years ago, when I bought my system and needed additional information and parts advice, I had good luck talking to the USA Profurl rep on the phone... at the time he was in Fla. I looked at the website, Profurl is owned by Wichard. and the customer contact info shows them to be now based in No. Carolina. So, my suggestion is to start there.... or look for a dealer in your region. Naturally, things have changed over the years..... so to make sure you'll be getting an extrusion that matches up with your existing equipment, I'd go directly to the source. Good luck... keep us updated on your progress.
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Apr 27, 2010
Beneteau 352 Hull #276 Ontario
Don't see if you are on the American or Canadian side of Lake St. Clair but I get my profurl info from:

WPG Canada
169, rang 5 ouest
Stoke, Qc J0B 3G0

Tel: (819) 878-3018

info@wichard.ca / www.wpgcanada.com

They will recommend which dealer is closest to you and give you the part numbers to order. They do not actually take orders from the Public.

Good Luck
Sep 11, 2019
Hunter 386 Lake St. Clair
Thanks all. I've got a couple feelers out there. Hope to resolve in a week or two. Keep you posted.