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Pressure water

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May 21, 2012
Bavaria 34 Kent Island, Maryland
I just purchased a 2001 34" Bavaria. Love how it sails in light air. I am not able to talk to the original owner and having a hard time figuring out how the pressure water works. I have two 20 gallon tanks (bow) and stern. I didn't recieve any manuals with the boat and can't read German. Is there hidden valving somewhere to select which tank or ?. Thanks


Mar 26, 2009
1976 formosa 41 yankee clipper santa barbara. ca.(not there)
where the pump is there should be a seacock or some such to change tank with. the pumponmy boat is under the sole at galley near sink. look hard for yours and folllow the tubing from each tank to the place where the Y should be.... shouldnt be too hard if you have yet to move into boat. have fun!
oh, yes--should also be a breaker for the pressure water, and that will turnon the pump letting water come thru pump and out the faucet...
Oct 1, 2008
Bavaria 36 Cruiser Nanaimo, BC
Valve Location?

I own a Bavaria 36 (2005 model) and the valve (and water pump) is located under the aft berth. If you have trouble, turn on the water and listen for the pump. Zeehag is correct, the valve to switch between tanks is located near the pump.
Enjoy your boat,
Jun 19, 2010
2003 Bavaria 44 Chesapeake Bay
Mine is in the aft head in the hanging locker if you are still looking for places
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