Ports and Hatches for early Irwin 27

Jul 24, 2013
Irwin 27 North Shore
'69 Irwin 27 - Ports and Hatches

Greetings! Perhaps someone will be able to help me as I learn more about my new "old" boat, an Irwin 27 that was built in 1969. Seabreeze as we call her is in need of some serious TLC but my wife and I are pleased to be able to give her the attention and try to bring her back to some of her early shine. We are looking for replacements for the original fixed ports and wondered if others have found someone who has produced replacements that do not require modification of the current openings. Also looking for a forward hatch that fits the factory opening. I've looked at the Irwin site, reached out to Gene, searched for hours for snippets and threads with clues and guidance. I've been able to find some good information on the centerboard and basic dimensions but unfortunately the information on this model seems limited. Sailing on the Chesapeake, this boat having already giving us hours of joy, we are looking to pour our labor into her so she can sail for at least another forty-four years. Guidance and advice is welcomed.

Dec 25, 2013
Irwin 27 Local lake
1968 27 foot Irwin forward Hatch

Have the original hatch sizes and pictures if that would help..



I have a '69 Irwin 27 and found that the original aluminum port rings can be polished up with a buffing wheel and rouge, then sprayed with clear lacquer. the result is an end to the oxidation that turns them black and motley grey. If you're set on changing them out, look to your nearest Marine consignment location. I've been fortunate to find all manner of goodies in the one here.
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