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Poli Glow /Newglass2- Great or Horrible?

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Dave Viglierchio

I thought I heard from one of this forums' gurus that one of these products is a big mistake. Since it's spring I'm looking to polish up the hull and had bought some Newglass2 but now am worried about it being something that will go bad then be a huge pain to get back off. I read a lot of Poliglow suggestions in the forum recently and wonder what the long term experiences are out there between the two products. Thanks as always for the information and help.


I liked Poliglow

It took a little bit of work to clean the surface of my '78 C22, and a lot of coats to get it shiny (6), but it was still easier than rubbing compond, which did absolutely nothing. The clear coats dry fast - you can simply go round and round the hull applying one coat after another. After the initial application, I simply applied two coats at the beginning and end of every season.

Dan Ulrich

Me Too !!

Have used both, and the Poli Glow did not yellow over three years as did the New Glass. Also the Poli Glow is easy to remove with the supplied Poli Prep in the event you want to add a stick-on license etc.


Tried Several Kinds

I used Vertglas for three seasons and decided to strip it off last fall because it yellowed. I tried some Newglass on the topsides two year ago and was not impressed. This year I read about Poliglow. I contacted the supplier and they said it didn't yellow and offered a refund if I wasn't satisfied. I'll put it on my h34 in a few weeks. Overall I find all this stuff much easier to use than wax and the results far exceed anything you could do with wax, compound or cleaner. Barry

Claude L.-Auger

Barry, please let us know how it turns out.

I also up here in the frozen north and will probably be in the water a couple of weeks after you. Let me know how it goes with the Poliglow as I'm interested in doing my 34 as well. Thanks

Ken Palmer

I waxed in the past, now time for Poliglow.

Cleaning and waxing the hull of Liberty, a 1981 H33 is no easy job. Every Spring, I get out the liquid cleaner and paste wax, set up a scaffold, and go to work. I use a combination of an electric buffer and muscle power. By the time June rolls around, the shine is starting to fade a bit, and then by July it looks streaked where the dirty rain water has left the ugly city pollution it has picked up. This year, I am trying Poliglow. I used it on my cockpit last year and on the most part, it worked great. Perhaps I'll take some before and after photos to post so that others can make their own decision. Ken Palmer, S/V Liberty

steven f.

like ice

I used Poli-Glow on my H23 and though it looked great my deck was slick as ice if ANY water was on it, even on the no-skid part. I personally would not use it on my deck, it was just too slippery when wet, even just the morning dew..

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
Two words:

Island Girl. I believe Dr.Willis has posted a reference doc in the Gelcoat forum explaining the difference between the two processes, chemically speaking. It's compelling.

Frank Conley

Poli-Glow Was Easy to Apply

I read about Poli-Glow in Practical Sailor this year and applied it to my O'Day 272 last weekend. The Poli-Prep worked well to remove hull oxidation when you scrubbed with the pad supplied in the application kit. I applied in 5-7 foot sections applying all six coats before moving on to the next section. A coat dried in one minute in 50 degree weather. Was advised by the manufacturer (whom I called) to apply a coat in the horizontal direction, then in a vertical direction, and so forth for the six coats to get the best coating. It went on easily and looks great! I thought the shine looked better than the just waxed and buffed hull that I am dry docked next to. Let's see how it holds up.

Jim sullivan


I applied polyglow last year to the hull of my Catalina 27 and it still looks great. well worth the effort.
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