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John K Kudera

Hi, Anyone have a suggestion as where I can get a low cost computer program to figure race results? How about instructions on the required math and a calculator? Thanks in Advance, John

Mark Dixon - UK sailmakers

race result programs

the US sailing web site has many different programs to calculate race results (for time on distance or time on time).

Peggie Hall/Head Mistress

We use a DOS program called "Sailrace"

It's free shareware (downloadable from the US Sailing site or from a CompuServe address), and I love it, 'cuz it's "duh! simple" to use and it runs fine in Win95 or 98. Stores all the info about your fleets, including PHRFs...you can track an entire series or just one race with it. However-- It has one MAJOR drawback...the d'd thing won't run on any computer faster than 200mhz. Gives a "runtime error 200" error message when you try to load it from either the hard drive or the floppy (it'll run from the floppy). We solved that problem by buying a used 486 laptop...and with a little automotive inverter we plug it into a 12v chartlight receptacle on the committee boat (mine) and score a race while we're rounding up marks and coming back to the dock. Regardless of which program you decide on, just make absolutely certain it'll run on the RC's computer!

Steve Hornberger

Excel Worksheet

John, et al: We have an Excel Worksheet that might be just what the doctor ordered. Email me at sailor@voicenet.com and I can send a copy to you by return email. I have another worksheet that actually calculates the PHRF for the boats based on their statistics. It ain't perfect, but it's pretty accurate for our use. See ya, Steve Hornberger s/v Sun Runner
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